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TGEU (Transgender Europe) is a trans-led nonprofit for the rights and wellbeing of trans people in Europe and Central Asia. TGEU represents 200+ member organisations across 50 countries.

We have three primary areas of work: advocacy, community, and research.

We’re always happy to support and work with organisations on expanding trans rights in Europe & Central Asia. Unfortunately, however, we are not equipped to provide direct support to individuals in crisis or support for organisations outside of our regional scope. 

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Send all general inquiries to Please make sure to include key details. If you have security concerns, we also have an encrypted form below.

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Please send all press requests to For interview requests, please include a brief intro and the name of the publication, along with the questions.


If you have any reimbursement or payment inquiries, please write to Please include as many details as you can.


All post can be mailed to our office at:


Heidelberger Str. 63/43

12435, Berlin Germany

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